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Join The Body Factory
Get Your First Month Free

Best Gym Membership in Sydney

The Body Factory is Sydney's home of holistic health and fitness. Considered to be one of the best gym memberships in Sydney, our classes are fun and challenging in a supportive gym environment with coaches that will help you every step..

Group Fitness

Access all of our weekly classes available Monday to Saturday for heart pumping workouts. Use The Body Factory app to book your favourite classes.

40 Classes Each Week

Choose from 40 classes each week including HIIT, Strength and Boxing. Train in a fun and challenging environment.

Heart Pumping Workouts

Get the workout you want to keep lean, fit and healthy or help build muscle and stay strong.

Challenge Yourself

Maximise your results by being in a supportive space with a dedicated coach to push you at every step.

HIIT Training

HIIT training workouts will keep you lean and healthy, giving plenty of movement, increased heart rate and stimulate your muscles. A great workout to start the day or to finish your day off with a blast.

Strength Training

Keep strong and develop muscle using our strength workouts. These workouts use body weight, bars, kettlebells amongst other equipment and are suitable for both men and women of all fitness levels.

Boxing Training

Enjoy yourself and get sweaty, burn calories with boxing workouts that include shadow sparring, combinations and other exercises.


Join The Body Factory
Get Your First Month FREE

As one of Sydney’s best gym memberships, we are committed to making fitness fun and rewarding which is what our coaches bring to you everyday. Training at The Body Factory will keep motivated, challenged and engaged with other members with the support and help you need along the way. Track yourself using a MyZone heart rate monitor to keep active and monitor your results. Learn more about us on our YouTube channel.


Free E-Guides

The Body Factory is believe in making fitness tips available, like those in the LifeStyle Fit guide that has our hottest tips for health outside the gym. Choose your complimentary eGuide.

Pricing Plan

Gym Membership

$ 49.95 /per week.

  • Access to 40 classes weekly.
  • Sign up now and receive your first month FREE.
  • HIIT Training, Strength Training and Boxing.


Its For You

  • Fun and challenging sessions with our expert coaches.
  • Coaches feedback throughout the class.
  • A free personal training session and Body Factory training towel.
  • One month free membership and zero joining fee.

Membership Offer Ends Soon!

Get Your First Month Free

At The Body Factory, we are committed to making training a fun way to keep active and improve your health and fitness. No matter what your fitness level, you have a chance to enjoy the rewarding benefits of Sydney’s best gym membership plans because it is all about the effort you want to put in.
Over 40 classes are available throughout the week.
Learn more about us by visiting our Instagram and YouTube. And lookout for our Instagram stories to meet our coaches and get their workout tips.

40 Classes Each Week


  1. What is included when I sign up to The Body Factory?
    Answer: All new members to sign up to receive; one month membership completely FREE! This includes zero joining fee, one free personal training session with one of our expert coaches, a free Body Factory training towel as well as 30% off your first remedial massage.
  2. What classes are available in the new timetable?
    Answer: All group fitness classes are included such HIIT, Strength and Boxing classes like In the Zone, Fight Fit, HIIT and Power.
  3. How do I book in for classes?
    Answer: All classes can be booked through The Body Factory app. Classes are available for bookings seven days in advance.
  4. I’m still building my fitness level, can I still do the classes?
    Answer: Of course. The most important aspect is getting started.
  5. Can I use my MyZone heart rate monitor?
    Answer: Yes! The monitor can be used during classes so you can track your heart rate and MEPS.